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The CivPlayers MP League -

Welcome to the Civilization Multiplayer League, the first, best, and largest Multi-Player Fan site for Sid Meier's strategy game franchise, Civilization!
Welcome. We hope you join us. Our members are Civ fans who agree to play fairly, respect others, and abide by the rules. This is the place where you can literally play the best in the world anytime of the day or night.
This website with it's integrated forums is the complete one stop shopping place for competitive multiplayer and in conjunction with the Gamespy "Lobby" (where our members find each other and play games) form a community of serious fans of the CIV Multiplayer experience, that we call CIVPlayers. We don't quit. We don't cheat. We value good sportsmanship. In short, we love the game.
You are welcome to join our community by signing up using the Free Sign up link on the left main menu. You will receive an activation letter back, almost immediately.
In addition to regular matches, we host special events and tournaments, including the Civilization Clan Championship Cup (CCC, for short), which has become the Olympics of MP CIV.
If you ever have any questions, or suggestions, about how to make CIVPlayers a better gaming community just email any admin, whose email addresses appear under the admin list on the left main menu, or use the form under the Contact Admin link. Have fun!
Welcome to CIVPlayers where the best players play the best game in a spirit of sportsmanship and fair play.
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Civilization Players
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